Blackboard, Maintenance, Wireless

Datacenter Network Firewall Migration

Maintenance Window: 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM Friday, October 14th
Services Impacted: All Campus Network Services

During this maintenance window, campus datacenter firewalls will be migrated to new high-capacity, next-generation security systems. This migration will require multiple brief (few minutes) interruptions to all campus network services as systems are transitioned and tested. Interruptions are expected to occur early in this maintenance window, followed by extensive low-impact testing. Longer interruptions in service may be required if unexpected circumstances arise and additional troubleshooting is necessary.

As a precautionary measure during this work, some campus applications will be shut down until the migration is complete, and as such, will experience more prolonged service interruptions. Most notably, the Blackboard Learn system will be shut down at 4:00 AM, and remain offline until migration activities are complete and uninterrupted service can be assured.

Maintenance, Security, Wireless

OnGuard Client Software Update

Maintenance Window: 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM Monday, October 13th
Services Impacted: OnGuard (NAC) client software

During this maintenance window, a new OnGuard (NAC) client software will be released, fixing numerous bugs and improving support for MacOS 10.12. This should trigger an automatic update to the client software the next time an affected machine connects to the network.

Maintenance, Wireless

Wireless Controller Software Update

Maintenance Window: 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM Tuesday, October 11th
Services Impacted: Campus Wireless Network

This maintenance window is being scheduled to perform software upgrades to the wireless network controllers and access points. As part of this process, each access point will need to restart, resulting in 1-2 minutes of wireless network service interruption.