Malwarebytes PC Rollout

As announced in November, we are rolling out Malwarebytes to campus computers. This rollout is now planned to reach all campus managed windows PCs. This process will begin Thursday January 14th at 2:00 AM. The phased rollout should reach all machines by end of day Saturday, January 16th. This is a centrally managed version of Malwarebytes that will be automatically installed. No action is required on your part. The installation is different from the home version, and can’t be downloaded or installed from the Malwarebytes website.

If you find that a file or application that you require for work purposes has been blocked by Malwarebytes please submit a ticket so that we may review the block and approve the item if it is determined to be a false positive.


Voice Services Migration

The major upgrade to our campus voice system is now complete. Computing and Communications Services (CCSV) has begun migrating users to take advantage of the new phone system features, including remote telephony. Migration to Avaya IX Workplace, our new software-based phone solution, has been designed for all users regardless of work location. This solution allows users to place and receive calls from their computer or mobile device, and can be used whether working remotely or on campus.

First to migrate are departments that will occupy the new Physical Sciences Building. Next will be users in offices on the north side of the creek, followed by the south side. CCSV has developed a migration roadmap for the campus indicating which buildings will follow.

While the complete migration of all campus users will take many months, we will be working to complete this task in as timely a manner as possible. For more information regarding migration, please visit the CCSV Phone Upgrade page. There you will find our building migration roadmap and information about Avaya IX Workplace. Tutorials, walkthroughs, and other help topics for Avaya IX Workplace can be found in our Knowledge Base page.