Phishing, Security

Shipping PhishMe Campaign

CSU, Chico was recently targeted by an email scam that imitated a shipping & receiving notice. ITSS emailed faculty and staff to warn them about this scam in March.

We followed up on this scam in May by creating a PhishMe campaign with similar content:

The PhishMe campaign was sent to ~4,000 campus members. Below are the results of this campaign:

As you can see over 14% of employees were found susceptible to phishing. An alarmingly high number of people opened the file attached to this email. You should never open an attachment that you’re not expecting. If you are unsure of the validity of an email you should check with the sender before opening any attachments or links. Opening a malicious attachment can put you, your computer and files, the university, and university systems at risk.

More information about spam and phishing scams is available at

Maintenance, PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft Extended Downtime

Scheduled Downtime: 5:00 PM Friday May 10th to 8:00 PM Saturday May 11th
Services Impacted: All PeopleSoft Access

There will be an outage of the Campus Solutions (CS) and Human Resources (HR) PeopleSoft application from 5:00 PM May 10th to 8:00 PM Saturday May 11th. HR and CS PeopleSoft services will be down during this window. This includes all administrative access, student self-service, faculty self-service, and employee self-service.

Outage, Telephone

Skype for Business Outage

A message from Scott Claverie, Director of Computing and Communication Services:

For those of you who use our Microsoft Skype service for instant messaging, presence and telephony, we experienced an outage yesterday due to a Microsoft software issue.  More specifically, the Microsoft security patch that was installed on the servers had an ill effect on the servers themselves and created a wide spread interruption for all of our users.   We have reexamined our process for patching and have identified a flaw where this incident could have been avoided.  We have already made the necessary adjustments to our process to prevent this scenario from happening again.  We understand that with any enterprise communication tool we offer we must make every effort to ensure its reliability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Skype has no exception to that effort. Our promise to you is to always improve upon the services we provide in support of our campus mission.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to either you or your department.


Scott Claverie
Director, Computing and Communications Services
California State University, Chico


South Campus Network Switch Maintenance

Maintenance Window: Friday, April 5th 4:00 – 5:00 AM
Services Impacted: Wired & Wireless Networks South of Creek

During this maintenance window, network switches will be upgraded to new software, requiring restarts of the systems. This maintenance will affect all campus buildings south of the creek. Datacenter and core network operations will not be affected.

All network access services (wired and wireless) to affected buildings will experience approximately 10 minutes of interruption as switches are upgraded and restarted.


Google Chrome Security Update

A vulnerability has been reported in Google Chrome, which can be exploited to potentially compromise a vulnerable system.

ITSS is immediately enforcing the auto update function within Chrome, and is enabling the Chrome browser notification agent that notifies users that the browser must be relaunched.

To check that Chrome is up to date (you should update your home computers as well) go to the “About Google Chrome…” window, accessible from the address bar using the special URL “chrome://settings/help”.

If you are prompted to Relaunch, please click the Relaunch button to do so.

When an update has been installed, it does not take effect until the browser is relaunched. Notification of a Relaunch will reappear every 4 hours until the browser has been relaunched.


EDUCAUSE Students and Technology Survey

On February 25th, 2019 undergraduates of CSU, Chico will be invited via email to participate in the EDUCAUSE Students and Technology Survey. The results of this survey are very important to the university and will help determine future priorities in information technology.

A summary of the results of the last survey (2017) can be found at Participation in the study is voluntary, and responses are completely confidential. The survey is open until March 15th.

By completing this survey, undergraduate students will be eligible to enter into a drawing for $50 and $100 gift certificates from

For more detailed information and verification of the validity of this survey sponsored by EDUCAUSE, please visit the CSU, Chico EDUCAUSE Survey website:

If you have questions or concerns, please submit a request at or contact IT Support Services.