LinkedIn Learning Migrating to LinkedIn Learning

Update 8/15/2019

Vendor technicians identified an issue today that would interfere with migration of user history from Lynda to LinkedIn Learning. We have placed the migration on hold until that issue can be resolved.

At the moment, Lynda is functioning normally but LinkedIn Learning is inaccessible for most users. I am working with the vendor to determine next steps.

From Distributed Learning Technologies: is being phased out and migrating all content over to LinkedIn Learning.

The vendor will email all users with an active account to notify them about the change. This will describe the change and inform users that they have several options during the migration. Users will have the option to migrate their training history over to LinkedIn Learning. Users will have the option to link their LinkedIn Learning account to a public LinkedIn Profile; if they do so, they will have the additional option to choose which learning activity (if any) is shown on that profile.

We anticipate that all current content will be available in LinkedIn Learning. After the migration, links to content will automatically redirect to corresponding LinkedIn Learning content. DLT will coordinate a separate effort to update those links before the redirects eventually stop working (currently expected around Q2 2020).