Maintenance, Voicemail

Phone System Network Maintenance

Scheduled Downtime: 6:30 AM Monday, November 23 to 7:30 AM Monday, November 23
Services Impacted: Brief interruptions in campus telephone service
Anticipated Availability: 7:30 AM Monday, November 23

 This maintenance is planned to make changes to the network interconnecting the various components of the campus PBX (phone system), to improve system redundancy and availability. During this maintenance window, all campus voice services may experience short (<10 minute) interruptions in service, including access to voicemail, automatic call distribution systems, and basic telephone service. The 911 system used by the University Police is not reliant on the campus phone system, and will not be affected.

Maintenance, Security

November Desktop Security Updates Approved for Campus Computers

The majority of campus Windows desktops will have updates sent to them in the next day or so. For security reasons, campus computers are given an installation deadline for monthly patches. The installation deadline this month is Thursday, November 26th at 5:00 PM. On Thursday at 5:00 PM, if you have not installed this month’s patches, they will automatically begin installing, and when done, may reboot your computer. If your computer is off at the time of the deadline, updates will begin installing the next time you log in, and when done, may reboot your computer.

 We highly recommend that you install the patches as soon as you are prompted to do so, before the installation deadline. This way, you can be present when the computer needs to restart and you have more control over the restart timing, allowing you to save any open work. If you ignore the update messages you run the risk of updates being applied while you are not present and potentially having your computer restart and possibly even losing unsaved work.

Some non-Microsoft patches require web browsers to be closed, and may fail otherwise. If you have any updates fail, try closing any open browser windows and install again.


Campus Targeted Phishing Attempt

We are receiving reports today of a phishing scam that looks like it came from CSU, Chico. The email links to a site in an attempt to obtain personal information, likely in an attempt at obtaining campus credentials. An example of the fraudulent email is included below.

Please delete these emails, do not click any links within the message, and do not respond. If you responded to the email, please change your CSU, Chico password as your account may be compromised. Contact ITSS if you need assistance with changing your password.

More information about spam and phishing scams is available at


Maintenance, Wireless

Network Authentication / Clearpass OnGuard Update

Scheduled Downtime: 6:00 AM Thursday, November 19 to 8:00 AM Thursday, November 19
Services Impacted: No services interrupted, but OnGuard clients will update
Anticipated Availability: 8:00AM Thursday, November 19

During the maintenance window outlined above, the Clearpass system responsible for network authentication (wired, wireless, VPN) will be upgraded to improve system performance, compatibility, and reliability. No major service interruptions are expected as part of this work, but following this maintenance, client installations of the OnGuard NAC agent will update to the latest version. If prompted by the OnGuard NAC agent, please allow this update to proceed, and re-authenticate with your campus credentials, if necessary.

Maintenance, Wireless

Wireless Network Maintenance, 11/17

Scheduled Downtime: 7:00 AM Tuesday, November 17 to 8:00 AM Tuesday, November 17
Services Impacted: Brief interruptions in wireless service
Anticipated Availability: 8:00 AM Tuesday, November 17

During the maintenance window outlined above, wireless network controllers will undergo a software update to improve network performance and stability. As part of this, wireless users may experience several brief (<15 second) interruptions in service. All work is expected to be complete and services fully restored by 8:00AM that day.


Footprints Shutdown

Now that Incident Management and Change Management have been moved from Footprints to TeamDynamix, the server will be shut down tomorrow Friday, November 13th at 9:00 AM.

The server is only being shut down at this point, it will be decommissioned at a later time to be determined.

Please contact ITSS if you have any concerns.

Maintenance, Wireless

Outdated OnGuard (NAC) Software

Using an old version of the OnGuard NAC software may cause issues with connecting to the campus Eduroam wireless. On November 30th an update to the wireless network is scheduled that may cause further issues for older versions of OnGuard, particularly for Windows 10, and may prevent you from connecting to campus wireless. Please upgrade your OnGuard software by following the instructions at

For Windows, to check what version of OnGuard you’re using double click on the OnGuard icon in the system tray.


The version number is on the top of the OnGuard window. The current version is 6.5.3


For Macintosh, click on the OnGuard icon in the menu bar and select About ClearPass OnGuard. The current version is 6.5.3.