April Desktop Security Updates Approved for Campus Computers

The majority of campus Windows desktops will have updates sent to them in the next day or so. For security reasons, campus computers are given an installation deadline for monthly patches. The installation deadline this month is Thursday, April 28th at 5:00pm. On Thursday at 5:00pm, if you have not installed this month’s patches, they will automatically begin installing, and when done, may reboot your computer. If your computer is off at the time of the deadline, updates will begin installing the next time you log in, and when done, may reboot your computer.

 We highly recommend that you install the patches as soon as you are prompted to do so, before the installation deadline. This way, you can be present when the computer needs to restart and you have more control over the restart timing, allowing you to save any open work. If you ignore the update messages you run the risk of updates being applied while you are not present and potentially having your computer restart and possibly even losing unsaved work.

Some non-Microsoft patches require web browsers to be closed, and may fail otherwise. If you have any updates fail, try closing any open browser windows and install again.


Removing QuickTime for Windows

New vulnerabilities affecting Apple QuickTime Player for Windows computers have been announced, and Apple will not be patching them as the product is now considered end of life (EOL). As a result, any computers running this software are vulnerable to attacks and present a serious security risk.

ITSS will be removing QuickTime from all campus Windows computers beginning Thursday, 4/21 at 8:00 AM to protect against these vulnerabilities. If users need to view QuickTime media, VLC Media Player is installed on most campus computers and can also be downloaded through the Application Catalog.

More information about QuickTime vulnerabilities is available at

Maintenance, PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft Maintenance

Scheduled Downtime: 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM Sunday, April 17
Services Impacted: PeopleSoft HRSA
Anticipated Availability: 6:00 AM Sunday, April 17

There will be an outage of PeopleSoft this weekend for a scheduled system maintenance from 12:00 AM Sunday 04/17 to 6:00 AM Sunday 04/17. All PeopleSoft HRSA services will be down between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM, Sunday. We expect all PeopleSoft services restored by 6:00 AM Sunday.  There is a backend database change that is being done that may affect some non-PeopleSoft applications – for example, some CRA jobs may not run correctly or  the Data Warehouse may not be refreshed.  We will work at getting these issues resolved as soon as possible.


Identity Finder Scans

Identity Finder software will be launched on your campus workstation and search for Level 1 protected data, such as social security and credit card numbers. Beginning Wednesday April 13th at 10:00 AM, Identity Finder scans will automatically scan your computer.  No data is deleted from your computer automatically by Identity Finder.  You must select “advanced” and review your results after the scan completes to protect your computer.

The CSUEU and the CFA have reviewed the Identity Finder deployment, and have recognized the importance and the value of this implementation to our security processes. Information Security has waited the amount of time agreed to with the unions to allow you to screen your workstation and files and to secure any personal information.

 When Identity Finder Runs

You may see a notification when Identity Finder starts running and when it completes searching your workstation (see below):


Identity Finder runs in the background, but running a search on any system for the first time can take several hours. You can continue to work while Identity Finder searches your computer, but it may slow your computer’s performance.

Reviewing your Results

As you are aware, data breaches are often big news and can be very costly. Identity Finder is specifically designed to find personally identifiable information stored on your campus workstation and to provide you with a way to securely remove this data.

As a result, it is imperative for you to review the results of Identity Finder’s scan of your workstation.

A tutorial on handling your Identity Finder search results is available at


For more information on Identity Finder, please visit the Identity Finder website at


IRS Phishing Scam Alert

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a warning about a phishing scam targeting taxpayers. Email scammers have been observed citing tax fraud to trick victims into clicking on a malicious link. There have been similar attempts on campus, including illicit requests by scammers for copies of employee W2s. The IRS press release is available at

Security tips from the IRS and US-CERT for handling heightened phishing scam risk during this tax season is available at

More information about recognizing phishing scam emails is available at


Perceptive Content Upgrade

Scheduled Downtime: Sunday April 10th and until your workstation client is refreshed
Services Impacted: Perceptive Content (aka, ImageNow)
Anticipated Availability: 8:00 AM Monday, April 11th

We will be upgrading Perceptive Content from version 7.1.1 to version 7.1.3 beginning at 8:00 AM Sunday April 10th. The above services will be down until your workstation software is refreshed on Monday, April 11th. Enterprise Application staff will beginning the workstation upgrades at 8L00 AM on Monday and should be completed by mid-day.   If this is a problem or inconvenient for your department, please contact the ImageNow/Perceptive Content support desk at 898-4367 as soon as possible.