LastPass Security Incident

LastPass may have notified you regarding a recent security incident involving unauthorized access to their environment. Please note that campus-managed LastPass accounts are not at risk. However, be very cautious of any phishing email message that asks you to provide information claiming they are from LastPass, especially if you are asked to provide your LastPass master password. LastPass personnel will never ask you to provide your LastPass master password and you should always carefully verify any webpage that asks for that information before providing it. Information Security and IT Support Services are actively monitoring this situation, and more information can be located at


Voicemail Service Interruption

UPDATE: Telecommunication Services has restored voicemail service and we do not anticipate further service interruption. The cause of the outage was an inadvertently disabled network adapter on the new voicemail server.

Soon after the migration of the voicemail system was complete, the service became unavailable to users. Technicians are working on the issue with no estimated time for repair. Currently, calls are not being routed to voicemail, and voicemail messages cannot be retrieved. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.


Voicemail Server Update

Scheduled Maintenance: Wednesday, December 21, 5:00 – 8:00 AM
Services Impacted: Voicemail

On Wednesday, December 21st Telecommunications Services will update the campus voicemail system. The new voicemail server updates aging hardware and meets Microsoft’s requirements for OAuth. During this process voicemail messages, greetings, and configurations, will be migrated from the old to the new server. Voicemail will be unavailable during this migration. An announcement greeting will be in place during the migration informing callers of the outage. Users are encouraged to delete any unnecessary voicemails prior to Dec. 21st.


Check for Missing Emails

Office 365 sorts emails differently than Gmail. Here are a couple of tips to make sure you don’t miss any important emails.

Junk Email

The Office 365 system handles spam emails a little differently than Gmail. Both systems have robust spam filtering, but specific rules for what qualifies as spam may differ and we recommend checking for messages incorrectly marked as spam. Office 365 moves messages identified as spam to the Junk Email folder in your mailbox. If you find a message in Junk Email that was misidentified you can mark it as Not Junk to move it to your Inbox.

IT regularly reviews Spam filtering rules to avoid misidentifying campus emails as spam. Please report misidentified emails to ITSS.

Focused Inbox

Outlook on the web has a feature called Focused inbox for emails determined to be important. Other emails will show up in the Other inbox located next to Focused. If you’d like to have all emails in one place you can turn this feature off.

More information about Office 365 and these features is available at


E-Mail Migration

The e-mail migration from Gmail was completed on November 21 and all campus e-mail is now available in Office 365. Overall, the transition has been successful given the magnitude and scope. We migrated 81,000 email accounts with little to no glitches in a couple of days. However, we want to acknowledge that there have been some challenges with the migration that we have been working through with students. ITSS has received calls from students that missed the communications and have been unable to access/log in to their new Office 365 account. We have been able to quickly respond with assistance and continue to be available to help with resolving outstanding issues.

If students are having trouble accessing their email they can go to, click on EMAIL at the top of the page, and enter their new email address ( Many students have had to be reminded to use their new email address for signing in instead of their old Gmail address (

Another common issue we encountered is with students who are also employees on campus. Combining their student mailbox with their employee mailbox will require some additional organization of their email inbox using inbox rules to help separate your work emails from your school emails. Here are some tips to help you to manage email messages by using rules. This could be useful for having course or student group related messages sorted into specific folders. This 2-minute video on how to create custom rules in Outlook would also walk you through the process.


Qualtrics Digital User Forum

The Qualtrics Digital User Forum will be held on December 14th at 10:00 AM PST.

The Qualtrics Digital User Forum is a quarterly free event designed to help attendees grow their XM skillset, and learn about the latest Qualtrics product innovations and industry best practices, all while connecting with fellow XM professionals.

Attendees will be able to choose from 3 different expert-led breakout sessions. All available breakout sessions can be found here. There will also be time at the end to ask 1:1 questions to Qualtrics Subject Matter Experts.

Here’s a snippet of some key features and skills platform experts will be going through:

  • Survey Overview | Best practices for survey methodology & more
  • Dashboards Fundamentals | Creating visualizations, best practice reports & more
  • Text iQ + StatsiQ | Overview of functionality, use case, product demo & more

Secure your free spot at the Qualtrics Digital User Forum or contact Lauri Henry at for more information.


PeopleSoft CS/HR Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday, January 7th, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

PeopleSoft CS and HR will be unavailable for approximately 4 to 6 hours. Several PeopleSoft functions will be unavailable during this window, including Student Center, student records, admissions, financial aid, academic advisement, class scheduling, HR Self-Service, payroll, absence entry/approvals, etc.

This maintenance is needed in order to install a new authentication provider that will support the upcoming Chico State mobile app.