Duo, Security

Duo Enrollment for Employees and Students

Campus began deploying Multifactor Authentication with Duo in 2018, and today, more than 90% of employees are successfully using it to keep accounts secure and prevent loss of data. Over the next few weeks, the remaining employees and all students will be enrolled in Multifactor Authentication with Duo.

Duo Enforcement Date

April 6: All Remaining Employees

April 13–15: Current Students, last names A–K

April 20–22: Current Students, last names L–Z

Once your Duo enforcement date arrives, anyone not enrolled with Duo will be prompted to self-enroll your mobile device, and Duo authentication will be required the next time you authenticate to a Duo enforced campus system.


Qualtrics Upgrade

Qualtrics has announced that a number of improvements are coming at the end of March to the Survey Editor, project creation, platform navigation, and line/bar charts in the XM Platform.

These updates should make Qualtrics XM easier to use and navigate for all users, with updates to the Survey Editor, project creation, platform navigation, and line/bar charts in dashboards. All existing functionality of these features will remain with the updates, aside from a minor change to the Catalog (project creation). These improvements will be seen by all users. 

All users will be automatically opted-in to the project creation, platform navigation, and chart updates at the end of March. They will also be given the option to opt-in to the new Survey Builder experience at this time. After a month, all users will be opted-in by default to the Survey Builder. 


LastPass Premium for Students

LastPass Premium is available to all CSU, Chico students. You can claim your free personal Premium LastPass Account.

LastPass is a simple, secure password manager. The easiest way to protect your information online is to have unique, strong passwords for every account, but it’s impossible to remember all of your unique credentials. LastPass provides a secure vault where you can save all your login information. You can save a site to LastPass with just a few clicks and LastPass will automatically fill in the credentials for you the next time you login to that site. LastPass can manage your account passwords on any platform or device: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and on the web.