E-Mail Migration

The e-mail migration from Gmail was completed on November 21 and all campus e-mail is now available in Office 365. Overall, the transition has been successful given the magnitude and scope. We migrated 81,000 email accounts with little to no glitches in a couple of days. However, we want to acknowledge that there have been some challenges with the migration that we have been working through with students. ITSS has received calls from students that missed the communications and have been unable to access/log in to their new Office 365 account. We have been able to quickly respond with assistance and continue to be available to help with resolving outstanding issues.

If students are having trouble accessing their email they can go to www.csuchico.edu, click on EMAIL at the top of the page, and enter their new @csuchico.edu email address (username@csuchico.edu). Many students have had to be reminded to use their new @csuchico.edu email address for signing in instead of their old Gmail address (username@mail.csuchico.edu).

Another common issue we encountered is with students who are also employees on campus. Combining their student mailbox with their employee mailbox will require some additional organization of their email inbox using inbox rules to help separate your work emails from your school emails. Here are some tips to help you to manage email messages by using rules. This could be useful for having course or student group related messages sorted into specific folders. This 2-minute video on how to create custom rules in Outlook would also walk you through the process.


LastPass Maintenance

LastPass will be conducting maintenance on Friday, November 18th, 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM. During this time LastPass users will unable to log in to LastPass using federated login, passwordless login, or standard login with an account enabled to use the LastPass Authenticator for multifactor authentication. More information is available at status.lastpass.com.


Student Employment Scam

Beware of this student employment scam currently targeting Chico State students. Scammers are contacting students via email and text promising employment in an attempt at bank fraud. Be cautious of any job offer that requests a purchase, your bank information, or other personal information.

scam email example
scam email follow up example

Phishing Attempt

Watch out for this phishing scam that was just sent to employees. Don’t click on the link. If you clicked on the link and entered your credentials please use Account Center to reset your password immediately.

phishing screen caputre

Work From Home Resources

The ITSS website has our contact information and links to the IT Service Catalog, Knowlege Base, Account Center, Live Chat, and ITSS Twitter.

Campus is maintaining a COVID-19 News & Information page with resources for Students, Faculty, & Staff.

Here are some additional resources:


Employee Phishing Awareness Campaign

As part of an ongoing phishing awareness campaign a simulated phishing email was sent to campus employees earlier this month using the Cofense PhishMe service.

This campaign was a “benchmark” scenario allowing us to compare how susceptible campus is compared to other organizations. 2% of campus employees were found susceptible compared to a 1% average for other organizations.

phishme results - spring 2020 employees

This scenario looked like a voice mail notification:

phishme email

The PLAY button linked to a generic sign in page:

phishme sign in page

Almost 1,000 employees opened the email and almost half of those clicked on the link. About one fourth of employees who clicked on the link submitted data in the fake sign in page.

Neither the email nor the sign in page look like those used by campus systems. If you are unsure of the source or validity of an email you should not click on links, open attachments, or supply credentials or other data. Contact ITSS if you need assistance determining the validity of an email or web page.