Email, Outage

Outlook Online Outage

Some people are unable to log into Outlook Online (Outlook Web Access). This does not seem to be affecting access via Outlook or other email clients. Technicians are aware of the problem and working to correct it.

Update 7/28 4:30 PM: Outlook Online is now working.


High call volume in ITSS

Due to the Exchange migration, we experienced very high call volumes at ITSS yesterday. This call volume is continuing today as people work through the changes necessary for their devices to point to the new email servers at Microsoft.

I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience and let you know that we are working as hard as we can to get to every call. We are working to keep hold times below 10 minutes, but have not always been successful. Please be patient with our staff and students as they try to assist every customer as quickly as possible.

If you are experiencing issues accessing email, there are several options you might take if you need immediate assistance:

  • Use Outlook Web Access: the URL for this has changed to Note: there are roughly 38 mailboxes that failed to migrate properly yesterday. Those mailboxes will be retried today. If you can’t log in to the new link, you should be able to log into the old link: Please also note that any bookmarks you had saved to the old link will need to be updated.
  • If your device isn’t receiving emails, you can attempt to follow these instructions to re-configure your devices: Keep in mind that deleting your account on your mobile device will not delete any emails or calendar entries; those items will return once you have recreated the account on the device. Depending on the size of your mailbox, it may take a few minutes for the items to return… please don’t panic! They’ll come back.
  • If your Outlook client on your desktop or laptop is throwing errors, or prompting over and over for passwords, restarting Outlook and/or your computer will often resolve these issues. Sometimes an incorrect setting gets cached and a restart will often clear it.
  • For more information about the migration, please see:

Please be patient as we work through the issues surrounding this major change to email.

Thank you!

Scott Kodai
Manager, IT Support Services
California State University, Chico

Email, Maintenance

Exchange Email Migration

The migration to Exchange Online, Microsoft’s hosted cloud service, is taking longer than testing indicated it would. Presently 1200 of 5300 users (22%) have been switched over since the 3:00 AM start time.  The rest of the users should be moved over the course of the day.

There may be delegate issues during the transition as they are not supported between cloud users and “on premise” users.

More information is available at

Maintenance, Voicemail

Voicemail Maintenance, July 20th

Scheduled Downtime: 6:00 AM Monday, July 20th to 7:00 AM Monday, July 20th
Services Impacted: Campus voicemail, including phone trees/call processors
Anticipated Availability: 7:00 AM Monday, July 20th

During the maintenance window outlined above, campus voicemail services may be unavailable. During this time, callers will be unable to leave or retrieve messages, but will instead hear a message indicating the system is under maintenance. In addition to typical voicemail messaging, phone trees/call processors handled by that system will also be affected. (i.e. ‘press 1 for person A, press 2 for person B’ prompting). All services are expected to be fully operational no later than 7:00 AM that same day.

ITSM, Service Catalog

Footprints Incident Management & Service Catalog

As part of the transition to TeamDynamix, new incident creation in Footprints Incident Management has been disabled. This does not affect Change Management or other Footprints workspaces. Footprints Incident Management is no longer accepting email from

Access to the old Service Catalog in the wiki (Confluence) has also been disabled. You can access the new TeamDynamix Service Catalog at


Critical Adobe Flash Player upgrade coming to campus computers

A serious vulnerability has been announced for Adobe Flash Player. This is being exploited in the wild, and an attacker could take control of an affected machine. Adobe has released a new version of Flash Player to address this. ITSS will be upgrading campus computers to the latest version starting Monday, July 13th. Users will have the option to defer the installation two times, until the installation deadline of 7/15 at 5pm arrives.

When you receive the upgrade, you will see a screen that looks like this:


Close any programs that are mentioned in the window, then click Continue. The upgrade will only take a minute or so.

More information on this vulnerability:


Data Center Power Outage

Date: Saturday July 25th
Time: 6am to 10am

Work is scheduled to install a new battery backup system in the campus data center. To ensure safety for the electricians, the high voltage electrical panels in Butte Hall 4th floor will require a full shutdown during this maintenance window. Some services such as Exchange email and telephone service will be available. ImageNow services will be taken down at 4 PM on Friday to prevent loss of data and will be restored when all other computing services are restored on Saturday. Power will not be interrupted in other buildings on campus. On-campus workstation login and wired and wireless internet access will function except for Butte Hall. Restoration of all computing and network services is expected by 10 AM.

ITSM, Service Catalog

New IT Service Management System

Next week, Information Resources will be rolling out a new tool called TeamDynamix that will give faculty, staff, and students easier access to requesting IT services.

TeamDynamix will provide many improvements for users over our existing IT tool, including:

  • The ability to request services and help online
  • The ability to check the status of your service requests online at anytime
  • The ability to update information in your service request via email
  • Better email notifications

TeamDynamix will also provide many improvements to our IT staff, allowing them to better manage and resolve your requests.

What will change?

Most of the changes will be behind the scenes, but you may notice a change in the email notifications you get when you request help with an IT service.

With our old system, when you called or emailed IT Support Services, you received a rather plain-looking email notification from

With TeamDynamix, you will get notification emails from These emails will have the campus logo on them, as well as a link to your request that you can view and track online. You can reply to the email to add comments or information to your request. For more information, please see the “Changes in email notifications” knowledgebase article.

Visit the Service Catalog

TeamDynamix will replace our existing system next week, but you are more than welcome to look at the services that will be offered through TeamDynamix by visiting the TeamDynamix service catalog. This is just a partial list of available IT services, and will grow over time. For information on using the TeamDynamix service catalog, visit the TeamDynamix knowledge base.

Of course, you can always contact IT Support Services directly at x4357 or by emailing

For more information on TeamDynamix, visit

Email, Maintenance

Faculty/Staff Exchange Email Migration

On July 21st, Exchange mailboxes will be migrated to Exchange Online, Microsoft’s hosted cloud service.  Migration and support information can be found at

Overall, your email experience should be exactly as it is now, but once your mailbox has migrated you’ll notice several things:

  • Your Outlook email software may appear to be disconnected from the email server. Wait a minute, then restart Outlook. It should automatically detect the new settings. Once it connects, restart Outlook one more time.
  • Mobile devices may stop receiving email. You may need to delete your CSU, Chico email account from your phone or tablet, and recreate it with the new settings. Refer to the instructions for configuring your mobile device for more information.
  • You will have 50 GB of mailbox storage (as opposed to the 1 GB of current storage).
  • Spam emails will be delivered to your Junk Email folder instead of a Spam Digest. Check your Junk Email folder for false positives. Right-click on the email, select Junk, then Not Junk for anything that isn’t spam.

To ensure you have no level 1 data in your email, it is recommended that you run Identity Finder on your workstations and remove Level 1 data prior to the email migration.  More information can be found at

Information about email and cloud storage security can be found at