Maintenance, Telephone

Telephone System Upgrade

At 6:00 AM on Thursday October 19th, AT&T will be performing the second part of an upgrade to the circuits that connect our telephone system with the outside world. This upgrade is moving campus to a more advanced and cost effective technology then what we have today.

We do not expect any service interruptions while AT&T performs the upgrade and their work should conclude by 7:00 AM. Our technicians will be on site to monitor the progress and test the service upon completion. If you experience any issues with your telephone service after the upgrade is complete, please contact ITSS at 898-HELP for support. This upgrade is the final part of the two part process that began in August.

Maintenance, Voicemail

Voicemail System Updates

Maintenance Window: Wednesday, October 4th  6:00 – 8:00 AM
Services Impacted: Campus Voicemail

Voicemail will not be available during this time. Users will be unable to retrieve messages and callers will not be able to leave messages during this time frame. People calling in to the voicemail during this time will receive a pre-recorded message stating that the voicemail is down for maintenance.


Kendall Hall Network Switch Maintenance

Maintenance Window: Wednesday, August 30th  6:30 – 7:30 AM
Services Impacted: Kendall Hall Network

During this maintenance window, a switch serving portions of the 1st and 2nd floors of Kendall Hall will be swapped out to increase capacity in the building. Up to 24 devices may experience an interruption of network service of up to 30 minutes during this process, and all machines in the area will experience a five minute interruption in services as the switch stack is restarted.


Perceptive Content Upgrade

Maintenance Window: September 8th and 11th
Services Impacted: Perceptive Content

Enterprise Applications will be upgrading Perceptive Content to version 7.1.5 on September 8th and 11th.   It is hoped that the upgrade is completed on September 8th and over the weekend, but we reserve Monday, September 11th for any problems that might arise as the result of the upgrade.   Workstation clients will be upgraded via the Campus SCCM product on Monday September 11th.   If this schedule is inconvenient please contact Enterprise Applications – Perceptive Content Support at 898-4367


Distribution Switch Stack Software Upgrade

Maintenance Window: Wednesday, August 2nd 6:00-7:00 AM
Services Impacted: BMU Network Services

During this maintenance window, software in some of the campus core network switches will be upgraded. This is an advisory notice only; no downtime is anticipated due to network redundancy. If unexpected behavior were to occur, network services to the BMU could be briefly impacted.

Maintenance, Telephone, Wireless

Farm Microwave Cutover

Maintenance Window: Thursday, July 6th 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Services Impacted: University Farm Network & Telephone

During this maintenance window, network and campus telephone services to the University Farm will be interrupted for up to 2-3 hours as the connection between the Farm and campus is cut over to new microwave radios. During this time, calls to the Farm may be routed to voicemail, and only emergency 911 calling will be available from campus phones at the Farm. Cellular services will be unaffected.

Maintenance, Wireless

Aruba Wireless Software Update

Maintenance Window: Wednesday, July 5th 6:00-7:00 AM
Services Impacted: Campus Wireless

During this maintenance window, the campus wireless network will undergo a software update to improve network performance and to support the newest hardware standards. Though most of this process will be transparent to users, wireless services will be interrupted for ~5 minutes as access points are restarted onto new firmware.