Perceptive Content Server Migration

Scheduled Downtime: 5:30 PM Thursday, June 30 to 7:00 AM Tuesday, July 5th
Services Impacted: Perceptive Content (ImageNow)
Anticipated Availability: 7:00 AM Tuesday July 5th

There will be an outage of Perceptive Content this weekend while we move to a new production server from 5:30 PM Thursday 6/30 to 7:00 AM Monday 7/5. To log in after the migration, you will have to change the connection profile for the production profile to the new server name: EAPP-PC1. Instructions will be mailed to all Perceptive Content users on Thursday. Enterprise Applications staff will be available on Tuesday, July 5th to assist you. For assistance in this modification, email us at or call us at 898-4367.


June Desktop Security Updates Approved for Campus Computers

The majority of campus Windows desktops will have updates sent to them in the next day or so. For security reasons, campus computers are given an installation deadline for monthly patches. The installation deadline this month is Thursday, June 30th at 5:00 PM. On Thursday at 5:00 PM, if you have not installed this month’s patches, they will automatically begin installing, and when done, may reboot your computer. If your computer is off at the time of the deadline, updates will begin installing the next time you log in, and when done, may reboot your computer.

 We highly recommend that you install the patches as soon as you are prompted to do so, before the installation deadline. This way, you can be present when the computer needs to restart and you have more control over the restart timing, allowing you to save any open work. If you ignore the update messages you run the risk of updates being applied while you are not present and potentially having your computer restart and possibly even losing unsaved work.

Some non-Microsoft patches require web browsers to be closed, and may fail otherwise. If you have any updates fail, try closing any open browser windows and install again.

Maintenance, PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft HRSA Maintenance

Scheduled Downtime: 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM Sunday, June 19th
Services Impacted: PeopleSoft HRSA
Anticipated Availability: 6:00 AM Sunday, June 19th

There will be an outage of PeopleSoft this weekend for a scheduled system maintenance from 12:00 AM Sunday 06/19 to 6:00 AM Sunday 06/19. All PeopleSoft HRSA services will be down between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM, Sunday. We expect all PeopleSoft services restored by 6:00 AM Sunday.

Email, Maintenance

Active Directory Federation Services Upgrade

Scheduled Downtime: 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM Wednesday, June 15th
Services Impacted: Exchange Email and Office 365
Anticipated Availability: 8:00 AM Wednesday, June 15th

A change to Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) may cause an interruption to Exchange and Office 365 services during this upgrade. After the upgrade is complete users will receive a new logon page when authenticating to the Exchange/o365 web interface.


Maintenance, Telephone, Voicemail, Wireless

Common Network Infrastructure Project

This summer, Computing and Communications Services will be replacing network electronics in all State-owned/operated buildings, as part of the Common Network Initiative program funded by the Office of the Chancellor. This project will replace aging Cisco network switches with state-of-the-art equipment from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. These new switches will offer faster connectivity speeds in many areas of the campus and new power features to ease deployment of wireless access points, phones, and cameras, along with a dramatically lower cost and carbon footprint.

The project is in the final planning phase, but deployment of the new equipment is likely to begin in late June and complete late July or early August of 2016. Due to the vast scope of the project, cutover to the new equipment will take place during normal business hours, requiring up to a couple of hours of network downtime for affected users. To ease this burden, the detailed schedule will be posted as soon as it is available, and affected users can expect both email reminders and signs at building entrances to make sure everyone is aware of upcoming network changes.

More information about the project can be found at, and the detailed schedule will be posted to this location as soon as it is available.


VPN System Software Update

Scheduled Downtime: 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM Thursday, June 9th
Services Impacted: VPN System
Anticipated Availability: 7:00 AM Thursday, June 9th

During this maintenance window, the campus VPN servers will undergo software updates. This will not interrupt services, but following this work, users will be prompted to upgrade their client software when next connecting to the VPN service.

Maintenance, Wireless

Border Router Software Upgrade

Scheduled Downtime: 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM Tuesday, June 7th
Services Impacted: Campus Internet Connectivity
Anticipated Availability: 7:00 AM Tuesday, June 7th

During this maintenance window, the border routers connecting the campus to the Internet will undergo software updates. During this process, all campus Internet connectivity will experience several brief (<1 min) interruptions in service.

Maintenance, Wireless

Core Network Software Upgrades

Scheduled Downtime: 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM Friday, June 3rd
Services Impacted: Wired and wireless networks
Anticipated Availability: 7:00 AM Friday, June 3rd

During this maintenance window, core network switches will undergo software updates to address stability issues. This will result in several short (<10 min) interruptions in both wired and wireless network services to affected locations.

Most campus buildings will be affected by this work. Buildings that will not be affected include:

Butte Hall
Kendall Hall
Parking Structure II
University Farm
University Village