ID Cards

CS Gold Database Maintenance

Scheduled Downtime: 1:00 PM Tuesday, April 14th – 9:00 Wednesday, April 15th
Services Impacted: CS Gold, Meal Plan Swipes,, GET Mobile, etc. (see below)

A database move will be made for the CS Gold system. During this time all CS Gold services will be unavailable.

These services will include: ID card swipes for purchasing (no door access will be affected), (including reporting and card printing), Aero card readers, Micros terminals, ID card printing, reporting from CS Gold, GET Mobile App, and Students will not be able to add funds for Wildcat Dollars while this work is performed.

ID Cards

Wildcat ID Card Program is re-locating Monday, June 8

On Monday, June 8, the Wildcat ID Card Program is being re-located from its temporary location in the Bell Memorial Union (BMU 002) to Meriam Library (MLIB 142) within ITSS.

After review of the Wildcat ID Card Program and future tools becoming available for additional use, the function of ID Card issuance and photo taking will move to Meriam Library (MLIB 142) within Information Technology Support Services (ITSS). This should allow for the expansion of the number of hours available for obtaining an ID card in the future. It will also bring additional support through cross-training of ITSS staff while aligning with campus Information Technology processes and security controls.

Currently, the functions of the ID Card system administration and Card Reader support and configuration is managed by Applications and Data Services (ADS) where Sally Zhang (system administrator) has become a very strong team member within ADS and will continue in this roll. We have a number of enhancements and upgrades to the software system coming over the summer months and look forward to growing this application’s use on campus. As the enhancements roll-out we will send out further communications.