Email Migration Postponed

The email migration of campus Gmail accounts to Office365 is temporarily postponed.

Once the new date is set, we will communicate the details to the campus community. Until further notice, no action is required and campus email accounts will remain unchanged.

Updates about the migration will be added to the Wildcat Mail Migration website.

Security, Software

Expanded PC Software Updates

ITSS will be providing a much larger catalog of software updates to campus PCs beginning in the coming weeks.

Improving and expanding software updates will reduce the risk unpatched software represents to campus systems.

ITSS will be using the Updates mechanism in the Software Center, the same system that delivers monthly system updates. It will contain many more titles, depending on what you have installed.

Because of the frequent changes to some software (Chrome, Firefox, Zoom, and others) we will be sending these updates out more frequently. In testing so far, almost all updates do not require a restart. Any updates requiring a restart will be delivered during monthly patches, when a restart is expected. A few of the updates will prompt you to close the program in order to succeed. When closing the program is required, the prompts can be deferred up to 5 times before the program is closed, and the updates install.

ID Cards

CS Gold Upgrade

Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday 7:00 AM – Thursday 12:00 PM
Services Impacted: CS Gold

CS Gold will be updated to a new version. CS Gold and all connected services will be unavailable starting Tuesday morning. The downtime could last as long as midday Thursday.


Eduroam Authentication Certificate Change

Scheduled Maintenance: Wednesday, July 13, Noon

Services Impacted: Wireless authentication

As part of annual maintenance, the security certificate used in Eduroam authentication will change tomorrow. Though most device types handle the change automatically, some IOS or MacOS systems may need to have action taken to reconnect. If your device does not automatically reconnect to the Eduroam network after this work, try manually reconnecting to the network; you should then be prompted to accept the new certificate.