Maintenance, Telephone, Voicemail

North-campus Phone System Electrical Work

Scheduled Downtime: Beginning 5:00 AM Tuesday, December 29
Services Impacted:  North-campus phone system
Anticipated Availability: 7:00 AM Tuesday, December 29

This maintenance is being scheduled to allow for changes and improvements to electrical power supporting the campus phone system. During this maintenance window, north campus phone services will experience several interruptions in service, lasting up to 15 minutes each. This will affect all campus buildings north of Big Chico Creek, except SHC. The FMS/corporation yard will also be affected. In addition to office phone lines, elevator and blue light/emergency phones will also be impacted in affected buildings.


Border Firewall Migration

Scheduled Downtime: Beginning 6:00 PM Tuesday, December 29
Services Impacted:  Internet, wireless, and DMZ server access
Anticipated Availability: 10:00 PM Tuesday, December 29

This maintenance window is being planned to allow for the migration of the campus border firewalls to next-generation platforms to increase campus network capacity and security. During this four-hour evening window, a number of short border outages will be experienced as systems are migrated and tested, causing network service interruptions to Internet, wireless, and DMZ server access. Core campus network operations should not otherwise be affected.


ImageNow Migration

Update: this maintenance has been moved 2 hours earlier to 12:00 noon Friday, December 18th.

Scheduled Downtime: Beginning 12:00 Noon Friday, December 18
Services Impacted: ImageNow
Anticipated Availability: 8:00 AM Wednesday, December 30th

We will begin the migration of ImageNow 6.6 to Perceptive Content 7.1.2 starting at 12:00 Noon on Friday December 18th.  Services are anticipated to be restored by Wednesday December 30th at 8 AM.

We will be taking ImageNow down at 12:00 Noon Friday December 18th to begin the database migration to a secure server, followed by an upgrade of ImageNow 6.6 to Perceptive Content 7.1.2.  All ImageNow services will be offline during the migration and upgrade processes.   There could be short periods where ImageNow is available on Friday afternoon, but please do not log in or perform any scanning or routing of documents.  If we encounter difficulties in this process, we could be forced to revert to the original database, and you would lose any activity performed.  Enterprise Applications staff will be updating your clients as we come back online, beginning Wednesday December 30th.   There is the potential for services to be out until January 4th.   We do realize the importance of this system to the University and are taking steps to minimize the outage.  If the Friday outage is inconvenient for you or your staff, please contact Mike Wood at 898-4577 immediately.

Maintenance, PeopleSoft

Peoplesoft HRSA Maintenance

Scheduled Downtime: 11:59 PM Saturday, December 12 to 6:00 AM Sunday, December 13
Services Impacted: PeopleSoft HRSA
Anticipated Availability: 6:00 AM Sunday, December 13

There will be 6 hour outage of PeopleSoft HRSA production this weekend for an emergency maintenance to repair and replace broken XSCF system board from 11:59 PM Saturday 12/12 to 6:00 AM Sunday 12/13. The production database and application service will be unavailable between 11:59 PM Saturday 12/12 to 6:00 AM Sunday 12/13. We expect all services restored by 6:00 AM Sunday.