Perceptive Content Server Migration

Scheduled Downtime: 5:30 PM Thursday, June 30 to 7:00 AM Tuesday, July 5th
Services Impacted: Perceptive Content (ImageNow)
Anticipated Availability: 7:00 AM Tuesday July 5th

There will be an outage of Perceptive Content this weekend while we move to a new production server from 5:30 PM Thursday 6/30 to 7:00 AM Monday 7/5. To log in after the migration, you will have to change the connection profile for the production profile to the new server name: EAPP-PC1. Instructions will be mailed to all Perceptive Content users on Thursday. Enterprise Applications staff will be available on Tuesday, July 5th to assist you. For assistance in this modification, email us at or call us at 898-4367.