Box Commenting Enabled

Box commenting is now enabled

In preparation for enabling commenting on individual files in Box, all Box user Email Notification preferences were reset this morning (Tuesday, May 8th, 2018).

You will not receive email notifications regarding activity in owned or collaborated Box folders unless you turn on these notification settings. If you previously had received email notifications from Box you will have to reconfigure these settings to continue receiving notifications. Follow this link to learn how to modify your notification settings:

What is commenting and why does it matter?

The new commenting feature in Box will allow collaborating users to improve their work flow efficiency by providing a standardized location where they can communicate, log changes to collaborated files, and assign tasks. Follow this link to learn more about commenting in Box and its collaborative utility:

What should I do if I’m receiving unwanted email notifications from Box?

DO NOT REPLY TO THE EMAIL. This will perpetuate the problem for other users. You will have to configure your Email Notification settings to not notify you when there is new activity in your shared files. Follow this link to learn how to change notification preferences for comments: