Email, Security

Campus Targeted Phishing Email

We received multiple reports this morning of the following phishing email targeting the campus:

The following actions were immediately taken:

  • The sending account was disabled
  • Microsoft also blocked the sending account
  • The link URL was blocked on campus
  • The link URL was reported to Palo Alto Networks to be blocked off campus

If you received this email please delete it without clicking on any links. If you clicked on the link and provided your credentials your account has been compromised. If you suspect your account was compromised you should immediately go to Account Center in the CSU, Chico Portal and reset your password.

There were a few indicators that this was a phishing email:

  • Poor grammar and punctuation
  • Unusual “From” address
  • Non-campus URL link (see the screenshot below).

If you are unsure of the validity of an email you can hover your mouse over any links without clicking on them to see the URL. A URL that does not match the content of the email should be considered suspicious.