Starting November 21st: All Campus E-mail on Office 365

E-mail is being migrated from Gmail accounts to Office 365 accounts. Beginning November 21st all campus e-mail will be accessible through Office 365, and your sole e-mail interface for all campus e-mail communications will use your address ending in

This migration only affects e-mail. Access to other Google applications including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and other Google content will not be affected.

During the migration, e-mails that get sent to your campus Gmail account will be automatically forwarded to your Office 365 account, and any existing e-mails in campus Gmail accounts will be moved to Office 365 accounts. All campus e-mail addresses will be E-mails sent to will be delivered to You can continue using Gmail until the November 21st cutover described below.

Migration Timeline:

  • Currently: Student Gmail e-mails are synchronizing to Office 365. This will not be visible to the student and students should continue to use their Gmail account during the migration. On November 21st, all student Gmail e-mails will be completely synced to their Office 365 inbox, and students can begin using their Office 365 mailboxes exclusively.
  • November 21st: Access to campus Gmail disabled. All campus e-mail should be accessed via or by configuring an Office 365 e-mail client.

Tip for Mobile users: If you access e-mail on your phone, download the Outlook app from your app store. Be sure to do this after November 21st (after your Office 365 mailbox is completely migrated).

More information about the campus e-mail migration is available at the Wildcat Mail Migration website.