Maintenance, Outage

Bay Maintenance Beginning Friday

Bottom line:

Bay will be down for emergency maintenance this weekend from 7:00pm Friday until the maintenance is completed. In the worst case, Bay will be unavailable until 7:00am Tuesday morning.


After the issue with the Bay file server this morning, Microsoft is recommending that we run a full disk check to make sure everything is working properly. Due to the size of the disks on the Bay server, the estimated time for completion of this disk check is unknown. Bay will be unavailable during the disk check.

Since this is likely to take a long time, we’re planning on starting the check at 7:00pm Friday evening. This will allow a full three-day weekend for the disk check to complete. At the end of the process, the server will be restarted. If the disk check is not completed by 7:00am Tuesday morning it will be canceled and the server will be restarted at that time and available shortly thereafter.

If you have a critical need to work on files on Bay over the weekend, please contact ITSS for options to have files available locally on your workstation. Please note that these options have some potential issues and will require care on your part to avoid data loss. We highly recommend that you just enjoy your three-day weekend if possible and save your Bay work for Tuesday.