PeopleSoft CS – New layout for Classic Pages

During the upcoming PeopleTools upgrade, some pages within PeopleSoft CS will be given a new look and feel.

What will change? Some pages within PeopleSoft CS will have updated navigation. You can see a preview of those changes in our knowledge base. Please note, the Student Center, Faculty Center, and PeopleSoft HR are not impacted by these changes. This new layout will only affect pages within PeopleSoft CS that are primarily used by staff, and by some faculty advisors.

When will the change occur? During the PeopleTools upgrade, over the weekend of September 9, 2022.

Why is this change needed? PeopleSoft must be updated to a new version of PeopleTools in order to stay current with the latest software updates; as part of that update, PeopleSoft CS needs to adopt this new layout.

If you have any questions, you can check out our preview video or open a support ticket. In collaboration with the DAWGS group, we will be sending out some more focused communications out to groups such as admin support coordinators, advisors, etc.