Campus Portal Updates

We are updating the Campus Portal to provide you with personalized, less cluttered, and more relevant information. This is a large change so we are breaking it into three steps. The end goal is to have relevant information for you available on one to two tabs instead of across four, five, or more. “Less is more.”

We are excited as this begins efforts to make the Portal dynamic, bringing “the right information to the right person at the right time.”

Step 1: July 15th

  • Expand the footer with relevant links that belong on every page.
    • This includes links to important systems like E-Mail, Student Resources, Zoom, Blackboard, and Health and Safety information.
  • Remove three tabs: Campus Apps & Links, Early Start Students, and Campus Safety.
  • Implement more granular data about a person’s role at the campus.
    • For example, if you were a student that graduated 10 years ago and are now working as an employee you probably don’t need to see all of the links for current students as you do in the Portal today. How about we just show you information relevant to employees and a link to look up your transcript?

Step 2: July 20th

  • Remove the “Home” tabs and replace with a “My Portal” tab.
    • Currently there are Student Home, Faculty Home, Staff Home, and State Employee tabs. We are condensing all of these into a single tab called “My Portal.”
    • You will see information and links relevant to you based on your role on campus. For example, most of what is currently in the “Student Home” tab will show up in “My Portal” for students and information in the “State Employee” tab will show up in “My Portal” for Employees. If you are both student and employee you will see both sets of information.

Step 3: July 29th

  • Add dynamic “My Updates” tab.
    • This tab will have dynamic information relevant to you in real time. Employees will see a list of trainings to which they are currently assigned. Students will see relevant information about enrollment with a link to the Student Center as well as trainings.
  • Remove Admissions & Orientation and My Accounts tabs.
    • Information from these tabs will be shown in “My Portal.”
  • Add “Customize” tab.
    • This tab will allow you to customize your “My Portal” tab as you see fit. Need a link to Zoom? This is where you can add it. Want to get rid of information you don’t need? Links to knowledge base articles on how to do that will be on this tab.