National Cyber Security Awareness Month Week 3

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

It’s time for week 3 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This week’s theme is “Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet”

Week 3 will remind you that your personal data is the fuel that makes smart devices work. While there are tremendous benefits of massive interconnectivity, it is critical to understand how to use cutting-edge technology in safe and secure ways.

Week 3 Activities

Join Chico State alumni Matthew Myrick next week in a discussion about his experiences as a cyber security expert and Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

  • Date: Monday, October 23
  • Time: 10am
  • Location: Colusa 100A
  • Cost: FREE
  • Topics will include:
    • Cyber Threats & Mitigations
    • General Security Hygiene
    • What you can do to better prepare for a job in Cyber Security.
  • Brought to you by the Department of Computer Science!

 For more information check out the campus’ National Cyber Security Awareness Month page.