SCCM Server Migration

Beginning Monday, January 29, 2018, ITSS will migrate PC clients to a new management server. The new server is an updated version of the existing server, so the changes should not be disruptive. This will provide improved and expanded services for our Window users.

Services Affected:

  • Windows quality updates, released monthly, delivering both security and non-security fixes. These are not new.
  • Application installations and management. These are not new.
  • Windows feature updates, available through this updated server. The current Feature update is the Fall Creator’s Update.

Cosmetic changes:

  • (The easiest way to detect the change) The Software Center (an app on Windows PCs) has been branded to use Chico’s cardinal red.
  • Software Update notifications (i.e.: “Updates are required by your IT Department) have been branded to use Chico’s cardinal red.

Functional changes:

  • The Software Center has also been modified to include an Applications tab, that replaces the old Application Catalog website.
  • The OLD Application Catalog website will be retired.
  • Visits to the old site will receive a notification site instead.
  • And coming soon, Windows Feature Updates, newer versions of Windows 10 released in phased deployments through Windows Update.

Improved update delivery and better inventory information drive this change, implemented at the recommendation of Microsoft Consultants.