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Faculty/Staff Exchange Email Migration

On July 21st, Exchange mailboxes will be migrated to Exchange Online, Microsoft’s hosted cloud service.  Migration and support information can be found at

Overall, your email experience should be exactly as it is now, but once your mailbox has migrated you’ll notice several things:

  • Your Outlook email software may appear to be disconnected from the email server. Wait a minute, then restart Outlook. It should automatically detect the new settings. Once it connects, restart Outlook one more time.
  • Mobile devices may stop receiving email. You may need to delete your CSU, Chico email account from your phone or tablet, and recreate it with the new settings. Refer to the instructions for configuring your mobile device for more information.
  • You will have 50 GB of mailbox storage (as opposed to the 1 GB of current storage).
  • Spam emails will be delivered to your Junk Email folder instead of a Spam Digest. Check your Junk Email folder for false positives. Right-click on the email, select Junk, then Not Junk for anything that isn’t spam.

To ensure you have no level 1 data in your email, it is recommended that you run Identity Finder on your workstations and remove Level 1 data prior to the email migration.  More information can be found at

Information about email and cloud storage security can be found at