Check for Missing Emails

Office 365 sorts emails differently than Gmail. Here are a couple of tips to make sure you don’t miss any important emails.

Junk Email

The Office 365 system handles spam emails a little differently than Gmail. Both systems have robust spam filtering, but specific rules for what qualifies as spam may differ and we recommend checking for messages incorrectly marked as spam. Office 365 moves messages identified as spam to the Junk Email folder in your mailbox. If you find a message in Junk Email that was misidentified you can mark it as Not Junk to move it to your Inbox.

IT regularly reviews Spam filtering rules to avoid misidentifying campus emails as spam. Please report misidentified emails to ITSS.

Focused Inbox

Outlook on the web has a feature called Focused inbox for emails determined to be important. Other emails will show up in the Other inbox located next to Focused. If you’d like to have all emails in one place you can turn this feature off.

More information about Office 365 and these features is available at