iTunes Gift Card Scam

IT Support Services has had multiple reports of campus personnel being contacted by fake campus accounts (example: requesting the purchase of iTunes gift cards. Apple describes how the scam works at

Here is the content of scam emails recently received by a staff member:

Are you free at the Moment?

Followed by:

Tied up in a Meeting right now and I want you purchase itunes Gift card 7 Pieces-$100 each? Its one of my Best Friend Son Birthday,Still In the meeting and i want it done Right Away! Scratch the silver Labels at the back of the cards and send pictures of them here.I Will reimburse you when am Done

Once the scammer receives the codes from the back of the gift cards they can access the funds. If you are unsure of the validity of an email verify the sender, company, or offer by phone or in person before acting on a request.